City of al zaman of Morocco the city of peace

City of al zaman the city of peace
city of cross-cultural connection a project of the history of humanity the city of Al zaman is located in the south of Morocco near to the Canary Islands in a fantastic position at the Atlantic Ocean

City of al zaman of Morocco

In the city of al zaman the Sun arises, the day starts a unique theme resort a worldwide unique landmark

City of al zaman of Morocco

A special architectural LED facades light technology offers a fascinating transformation of nature’s given breathtakingly color plays of the Sun an overwhelming spectacle of nature technically perfectly realized the Sun an energy hotel for body mind and soul a total composition connected with the symbols of stars and the moon in a
man-made parks and water landscapes are just one of many highlights in the city of al zaman.

The center of the city of al zaman is the time here you can see a world
exhibition of mankind’s cultures therefore as a symbol is a unique
landmark project the time.

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