10 Science Fiction Works That Inspired Real-Life Inventions

Geeks appreciate fantasy because it allows them to satisfy their dorky desire to, as an example, travel through space vicariously through their favorite Star Trek fleet commander or make friends with robots that they will program to be as socially awkward as they’re. But the remainder folks non-nerds owe fantasy tons of gratitude – however grudgingly – because without this genre, the planet would have far fewer cool inventions. Initially, the sorts of technology that exist in fantasy might sound unrealistic, then at some point, human civilization reaches a stage where it actually becomes possible. 

inspect this list of 10 works of fantasy that inspired real inventions.

1. Rossum’s Universal Robots by Karel Čapek

Predictions about robot butlers and maids haven’t come to fruition quite yet, but there’s no doubt that AI technology is becoming more advanced by the day, which we’ve become heavily hooked into industrial automation. But back in 1920, Karel Čapek wrote a play about blissfully ignorant human-like robots who proceed to rebel against and overthrow humanity. His ideas were utterly remarkable and much before its time, especially once you consider that the spoon was pretty as high-tech as things came those days.

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