10 Movies of 2019 You Probably Missed Even Though They’re A Must-See

There are tons of massive movies within the cinemas this year. I mean, we got the live-action Lion King with Beyonce and Donald Glover. There was tons of hype about the new Star Wars. Toy Story 4 came out this year. And in fact, we finally acknowledged the fate of our favorite superheroes in Avengers: Endgame. But those aren’t the sole movies worth watching. Here are 10 films that came calling in 2019 that deserved far more attention than they got.

1.Marriage Story

With Adam Driver and Scarlette Johanson starring within the movie it’s honestly surprising we didn’t hear more about it. It’s a story of a few browsing a reasonably difficult divorce and deciding the question of custody for his or her child. It’s directed by Noah Baumbach, which should tell you tons about the texture and mood of the film. The critics have described it like a really deep and honest check out what divorce is basically like.